Why I choose this lifestyle


I started my low-carb/keto life back in March 2019 and fell in love almost instantly.

I’ve always been that chubby girl and was a really bad yo-yo dieter for years. I’d lose weight then see a good result and would stop and gain back more then I had lost. I got told about keto and instantly thought “oh this is another fade diet because what diet let’s you eat foods like bacon, cream and cheese” so I didn’t bother to try it, until someone told me about how much weight they had lost and how good they felt with it so i decided to read up on it. Once I saw the health benefits other then weight-loss I thought ok I’ll give this ago.

When I started I was weighing at 73kgs, size14 clothing and I’m only 5’3″ which isn’t very tall so if you think 73kg isn’t too big but it is when you’re short. I’m now 57kgs and a size 8 in clothing which i never thought I’d be able to fit.

It wasn’t just weight loss that happened, my skin started to clear up, I was less bloated and heavy feeling. My overall mood was better, I was sleeping better and I had more energy as well.

Personally I don’t count macros, fast or OMAD, I simply eat when I’m hungry but I also don’t eat till I’m extremely full. This is why I would consider myself lazy keto but this works well for me.

There are days where I have cheat foods but we’re all human and have to give into cravings sometimes but I won’t hate myself for it and fall off the wagon I’ll just make sure the next thing I eat is good and just carry on with life.

I don’t say I’m on a diet any more because it’s a lifestyle more than it is a diet for me. I enjoy the food so much, it’s not just bacon and eggs and the food definitely doesn’t taste like cardboard.

All the recipes I post I have personally tried and love.

I just hope you try them and love them just as much as I do.

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